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Medicine Man

Medicine Man Medicine Man, a religious specialist in some non-Western cultures, whose main function is to cure disease. Medicine men base their healing methods on the assumption that
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Shaman Shaman, religious specialist, originally found in hunter-gatherer cultures, which are loosely structured, technologically simple, and homogeneous. The word shaman is derived from a word in the Tungus
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Education, Physical

I INTRODUCTION Education, Physical, instruction in various kinds of physical activity to promote the physical development and well-being of the individual. Physical education is generally taught in schools
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Alcohol Units

Alcohol Units, a system of units applied to different types and quantities of alcoholic beverages, which focuses on the strength of the alcohol content within each. Alcohol acts
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Birth Control

Birth Control I INTRODUCTION Birth Control, various methods used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control is also known as contraception or family planning. Pregnancy occurs as a result of
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Medicine Since the earliest times, people have probably suffered from sickness, injury, and disease. Others may have tried to help them by making them warm and comfortable and
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